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Welcome to Upward

We're all about finding great ways to make life better for ourselves and for those around us. Come and discover how to move everything in an upward direction.

Tips for How to Increase Your Home's Value

There are simple ways in which you can increase the value of your home. Whether you are planning to sell or would like to keep your home's value up, tackling some of the following tips will work to instantly add value and appeal to your home.

1. Clean Up - If you have debris around your yard simply spend some time cleaning it up. A downed gutter or a piece of siding in your yard can really make your house look run-down.

2. Clear the Clutter - If you've got bikes and trash bins lined up around your home, move them to a designated area in the back of your home. If you have room to store them in your garage, it's even better.

3. Paint it - Depending on your budget and siding material, a fresh coat of paint on the exterior could be worth it.

4. Repair it - Fix downed gutters or downspouts or loose siding or shingles. Even a beginner DIYer can handle these projects and save money by eliminating the need to call a professional.

5. Landscaping - If you've got your own landscaping tools, then sprucing up your yard will be super easy and cheap. Trim trees, bushes, shrubbery and lawn to achieve a clean and manicured appearance. Plant low maintenance plants and flowers. Hanging flower baskets for the front porch add a warm and welcoming touch to a home.

6. Doors - Depending on the condition of your front door, replace, repair or paint it. A garage door typically represents 30% of the exterior of your home. If your garage door is old and worn, replace it. It will increase your home value and curb appeal. Replacing your garage door can make a huge improvement to the exterior of your home for under $1,000 for the typical standard garage door.

7. Roof - Torn or missing shingles should be repaired or replaced. If you have algae growth, hire a roof cleaner to remove it. An unsightly room can give a bad first impression to prospective homebuyers.

Nothing increases the value of your home more than kitchen and bathroom updates. Consider these simple improvements:

1. Knobs, Pulls and Handles - Changing the knobs, pulls or handles on your kitchen and bathroom cabinets can bring a fresh new look to an older cabinet.

2 Paint - Paint can be your secret tool for increasing your home's value. Anything which you decide to paint- whether it's cabinets, doors, walls or ceilings will update your home with a fresh new feeling. Bland wood kitchen cabinets can be painted in white to turn a traditional kitchen into a contemporary kitchen.

3. Lighting - Bright rooms indicate to potential home buyers that you have nothing to hide. A brightly lit home creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. Select energy-saving light bulbs and fixtures for even more value.

4. Carpet Removal or Cleaning - Many older homes have beautiful hardwood floors underneath the carpet. If your carpet is worn and stained, remove it and refinish the natural wood underneath. This type of project involves a bit more in upfront costs, but the return will be seen upon selling. If your carpets were recently updated, have them professionally cleaned to help them look their best.


Garden Finials - a Great Decorative Finishing Touch

Do you look around your outdoor living space and see that it is just crying for "something?" You're not sure what it is but the area just doesn't seem finished. There is actually a pretty easy way to finish your space and that is with beautiful garden finials. Use one for to make a decorative statement and for balance, you could use a pair.

Garden finials are a beautiful way to add a finishing touch to your yard space and they can literally be used anywhere you like. Originally, they were designed to be placed atop buildings, however they are so versatile they can add a touch of finishing elegance to the sides of a walkway, around your home, your garden to set off a tree, statue or other object; your deck, patio, cottage or in any place your choose.

How is this possible? Well, it is because garden finials are extremely decorative in nature. Generally they will be crafted out of metal, copper is the most likely choice, and will be forged into different elegant shapes to ones that simply have a point and others that have looping scrollwork. Some will even feature stained glass and most will have a polished finish, creating structures that look just like stunning pieces of artwork. What also adds to the lovely look of garden finials is what they are mounted on. Like, the same copper they are made from, or other materials like stone, and some can even be mounted with spacer balls to create an eye-catching piece that will be sure to please.

If you have an area in your outdoor space that needs a little finishing touch, it's the perfect place for a garden finials. Many people use some of the techniques used in the Feng Shui design and use pairs to obtain symmetrical around their outdoor areas. There are other people however who just place them wherever they feel like, just to spice things up a bit. For instance, you could place a few in your garden to give it some flair or you could put one atop the roof or your home to set your house apart from the rest.

Feel like garden finials are something that you're interested in purchasing for your outdoor space? If that is the case, then you can conveniently find just the ones for you through comparison shopping on the World Wide Web. Really, Internet shopping is the way to go given that for one, you don't have to leave your home to do it, and to, you can easily compare prices of the different selections that you like. That way, you can easily find deals and get the best prices possible that are available. Your selection will even be shipped right to your home, so, no wasting gas and a trip to the store.

Now, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and find that finishing touch you need in garden finials. With them, you'll finally feel like your outdoor space is complete.


Convertible Sofas Can be Magical

For most of us convertible sofas convert into beds. These handy pieces of furniture are great for many people. If you do not have a spare room for guests, use the convertible sofa. If you live in a studio apartment, then a sofa bed may be perfect for you. If your kids like to have sleep overs, a sleeper sofa in the family room would be a great solution. If you need a "spare" bed for when your spouse is in the dog house, then a convertible sofa may be the answer (but it is best to never go to bed mad). But in all these cases, the sofa part is for sitting and the bed it converts into is for sleeping. But what if you asked a child what they thought convertible sofas should convert into, what would they say? Well, I talked to some kids, and this is what they said they thought convertible sofas should change into.

The first was a little boy, he was about three, almost four, years old. He was a very typical little boy. I asked him that if he had a couch that could change into anything, what would it be? He gave it a moments thought and then said, "a race car". Why? I asked. "So I can drive fast like my Daddy," was his quick answer. Little boys want to be like their Dad's, and driving is something we just take for granted as an adult. But driving for a kid means so much more, it means going fast and being able to do what you want, and being like your Dad.

When I asked a group of four little girls what they thought would be cool for convertible sofas to change into, they conferred for a little while and came with the consensus that it should be something that could fly. "Oh," I said, "like the bed on Bedknobs and Broomsticks?" I only got a bunch of blank stares with that comment. So instead I compared it to Aladdin and a magic flying carpet. That got me a bunch of smiles and nodding heads. Then they went off (all at once) about how great it would be to swoop through the air, flying over fields and lakes. I remember when I was a little kid, and dreams where I could fly were the best! Yes, a sofa bed that could fly would definitely be high on my list too.

I asked another group of older boys and girls, who were about 7, what they thought would be cool to have convertible sofas convert into, and their quick answer was a time machine. That's cool, so my next question was, "If you could all just go to one time, when would it be?" This took a bit of discussion, especially since both boys and girls were involved, but they soon decided on Medieval times. Why? Well, boys like battle and little girl's want to be princesses, so that time period seemed to offer everything that everybody wanted. Especially since the boys could battle dragons to save the princesses!

Convertible sofas may not be quite that magical to most of us, but remember that it could be, especially if you ever get to play make believe with a four year old. It is amazing what you can do with a blanket and sofa. It can become a magical cave, a flying carpet, a fast race car,or yes, convertible sofas even make great time machines.


Apple Pie, Grandma, and an Outdoor Porch Swing

An outdoor porch swing is such a fundamental fixture in the American experience. I don't really know why for sure. Maybe it is because young romance can blossom there, or because it is the perfect place to sip on an ice cold lemonade and watch a lazy summer day go by. In fact, one of my earliest fond memories is from the mid 60's when I was four years old, eager and excited. I was sitting on the porch swing with my family watching the classic American parade go by. So many vivid colors, big horses, candy, happy sounds, and of course, the waiving beauty queen. And I took it all in from an outdoor porch swing. There is just something classic about that scene. I guess most people have some sort of memory like that. I hope so.

Another great thing about a porch swing is how old friends can sit there for hours and talk about nothing; talk about anything. Or maybe it is because when you're on the swing it means that you are not out in the garden weeding, or in the house cleaning, or slaving over laundry.

To me, an outdoor porch swing is about relaxing from the cares of life and finding peace, even if only but for a moment. The way the gentle motion of the swing slows the clock is magical. I could sit and swing for hours and it would only seem like minutes. And as I think back over the years I realize that there is just something comforting about an outdoor porch swing, something wonderful and warm, like the homemade cookies and bread I'd enjoy when I visited my Grandma's house in my youth.

One of the things I remember most about being excited to visit Grandma was that I knew her swing was waiting patiently for someone to visit, someone to comfort. Sometimes it was the cat. Sometimes it was people. I remember the old chains that suspended it from the rafters, how they seemed so faithful and strong. Sometimes when I would really get swinging too fast I would be worried that they would break, but they never did. I remember swinging on it with her as we watched the day go by without a care in the world; just me and Grandma.

There was something about that old outdoor porch swing that the cat seemed to like as well. I noticed that the cat spend more time on it than anyone else. Maybe it liked the warmth of the sun-room and the quiet...who knows, but when we'd come along and want to perch there Ginger would slink away like only a cat displaced can. What a funny cat.

As I've grown older I've kept my fascination with swings and porches. My outdoor porch swing is made out of redwood and brings me a lot of happiness when I spend time on it with kids and friends. Someday I'll be a Grandma and will share some swing time with my own grandchild. I hope I can make it as memorable as my grandma did for me.


Glass Door Knobs - It's Time To Go Green With Them

We're in a world where every day we are being told to try and make a difference for the environment. We're inundated with information about the damage that is being done to the environment on so many levels, and being told we are the culprits. They say the only way to change things, is for all of us to make a change. You may be wondering what this has to do with home décor. It's about ways to make a smaller environmental impact, while still redecorating.

There are actually companies out there who focus their business on taking the old and making it new again. Some of these people are called antique dealers. You've seen them and may have thought they only have trinkets and clothes from generations past. But many carry more than just bric-a-brac, they also carry old pieces of hardware such as glass door knobs that are generations or centuries old.

There is another kind of company that is forward thinking. They are not the end dealer, waiting to get a good buy on something old, but they are out there finding these great old pieces, before they are destroyed. You have probably seen this happen a time or two - an old building in town is demolished to make way for a new mall, condo, or skyscraper. While the original building may have been a little run down, does that mean everything in it was trash? Not necessarily. Think of an old theater from the 1920's. Theaters of the time were very classy establishments, with the best in décor and accents throughout, from glass door knobs to ornate hardware accents, all those things are likely still inside the building as it's being destroyed. Those glass door knobs and other pieces are completely functional pieces of history that are being tossed aside in the name of progress. This is where salvage companies come in.

There are a few companies out there that search for these buildings, set to be destroyed, and salvage what they can for others to bring back to life in their homes. Many of these are old turn-of-the century and pre-war buildings that have lived out their usefulness, but thanks to these salvage companies some of their parts will live on, long after the building is gone.

For those looking to recreate a historic period of time, or just looking for old world style in their home, these salvagers are a godsend. While you can get a lot of reproductions of pieces on the market today, nothing really takes you back in time like the pieces of hardware and architecture that really were back in time. Even if you just want to add a small bit of flare to your new world home, many of the hardware pieces such as glass door knobs and pulls, can be put on your modern day doors and cabinets, and not only give your home a piece of history, but also save the resources that it would have taken to make a new piece.


Tips To Have Beautiful Smile

A sincere smile tells people that they are appreciated and loved when they come around you. It makes others feel at ease with you. It is also a powerful tool of intimate communication between great friends. You can get things done faster with a sweet smile on your face always. Insightfully, it is has been reported that smiling consistently, especially when things are not going well, can reduce your stress level.

The value of smile is much more than we think. It cost nothing, but creates much. It enriches those who receive, without impoverishing those who give. A smile happens in a flash and the memory of its sometimes last forever. It could be the start of a lifetime relationship.There are several reasons to smile. Smiling makes you attractive. People are generally drawn to those who smile. There is an attraction factor. Smiling changes your mood.

The most important thing is for you to feel comfortable, and for your spine to be in an up-right position. Let your eyes gently close. Take a couple of deep long breaths, and as you exhale say (either out loud or internally) "aaah." As you exhale and say "aaah," feel any unnecessary tension in the face, jaw, neck & shoulders simply melt away, like a series of thin silk scarves, flowing off of your body, down to the floor. Notice a feeling of spaciousness in your mouth, as though the roof of your mouth were the dome of a temple.

A great smile starts with great dental care so a restorative dentist may recommend that you get a teeth cleaning or have other basic dental procedures done prior to having any cosmetic or restorative procedures performed. Once your teeth are as health as possible, there are a number of ways a Cotuit dentist can restore teeth so that you look and feel better about yourself.

Contemporary society seems to stress teeth care as a crucial point of our life, both from a hygienic reason and an aesthetic one. Digestion begins in the mouth due to the chemical action of various substances located there and also because of the more mechanical function of teeth. Chewing should never be understated.

A perfect compliment to a beautiful masterpiece is an ideal frame. When looking at the Mona Lisa, it is likely that you don't remember the frame of the piece, but you'd be assured to remember if the frame looked out of place. Gums, much like pictures, affect the appearance of great teeth to make an overall beautiful smile. The appearance of gums can often differentiate between a mediocre smile and a stunning smile.

To improve the health of your gums, it is necessary to have an expert look at them and the treatment often includes daily home care and frequent cleanings. Some more difficult cases may require specialized care. To treat receding gums, gum grafting is often used. Cosmetic dentists can sculpt gummy and crooked smiles using lasers or other methods. When you have your smile made-over by an expert, this is routine procedure and sometimes sculpting is the only thing necessary to fix on an otherwise beautiful smile.


General Approaches to Overcoming Insomnia

Insomnia is a sleeping disorder characterized by an inability to sleep or to stay asleep for a reasonable period of time. Insomniacs cannot fall asleep and if they do, thy wake up a few minutes or an hour after they have fallen asleep. Some insomniacs manage to get some sleep but they do not feel relaxed in the morning.

Insomnia can last for days, months or years. If a person is not able to sleep well for three weeks and more than this is a chronic insomnia. It is the most dangerous type as it cam lead to health problems.

The reasons for insomnia may be various - stress, anxiety, fear, depression, physical pain, caffeine, medications, or simply overactive mind.

Overcoming insomnia may be a hard task especially if it is caused by a psychological problem. In any case the first thing to do is to determine the reason. A clear reason is a half solved the problem. Obviously this is the hardest task since in most of the cases finding the real reason for insomnia is quite difficult. Many people who are in perfect health and are not taking any medicines that may cause insomnia still suffer from it. The reason being is that insomnia is mostly connected with our minds and even the simplest thing that makes us nervous or anxious may cause it, even if it is subconscious.

In general there are medical and alternative methods for overcoming insomnia. Sleeping drugs and other sedatives are the most common treatment for many insomniacs. The problem however is that some drugs create an addiction and are potentially harmful to the overall human health. Another approach to overcoming insomnia is by cognitive behavior treatment. In this case insomniacs are taught how to rest better and how to improve their sleeping habits. Some research even show that this kind of treatment has better results than the traditional medical treatments.

The alternative methods for overcoming insomnia include acupuncture, meditation, herbal aids, dietary changes. Most of these methods are based on Traditional Chinese medicine and often a combination of methods is used to fight insomnia. A treatment cycle may include full revision of the eating habits, acupuncture and taking special herbs for example. While the results vary according to each specific condition, in general the good side of the alternative healing practices is that no chemical drugs are being used which is much better.

There are also some non medical insomnia "cures". Drinking hot milk with honey before sleep, taking a hot bath, aromatherapy, listening to slow paced music, avoiding mentally stimulating activities in the evenings. Some people suffering from insomnia even walk up as early as possible in the morning hoping to get tired by bedtime.


Understanding the Different Types of Ready Made Frames

Ready-made picture frames are just that - pre-built frames that can include glass, backing, hanging hardware and at times a mat. All you need do is insert your photograph or artwork. For years ready-made picture frames were only available in select standard sizes and styles but have recently gained popularity and are now available in many more sizes and styles in both stores and online. The picture frames are either made of wood, metal, composite resin or acrylic. The quality of these frames ranges from very low quality to very high quality and can range from very inexpensive to very expensive.

Some people still prefer the carpentry skills and specialized equipment required for a professional quality frame to achieve the look they want for their artwork rather than going with a ready-made picture frame. But, many others prefer the ease of a ready-made picture frame. A ready-made frame can be an attractive high quality gallery-ready picture frame. Personal preference in this case determines the type of picture frame to use.

There are a variety of ready-made picture frames on the market. You can select from standard picture frame sizes or choose a less common size. Your photos or artwork will determine the size, shape and style of the frame you need. Here are a few of the options you will encounter when searching for the perfect picture frame.

Standard Picture Frame Sizes

The most popular and most common ready-made picture frame sizes are based on the most common photograph sizes - 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, 11x14 and 16x20. The size stated on the frame packaging represents the size of glass, photograph or artwork it will hold. But, these aren't all the sizes available. There are less common sizes, but no less important for your photo display, that include 2x3, 3x3, 3.5x5, 4x5, 5x5, 6x8, 8x8, 8.5x11, 8x12, 10x10, 12x12, 18x24, 20x24, 22x28, 24x30 and 24x36.

Styles and Colors of Picture Frames

A wide variety of photo frames are available to you. You can choose the sleek look of a modern design, comfort of a traditional style or the vintage look of an ornate design. Depending upon the photograph and your mood there are whimsical, playful and colorful frames to choose from. Picture frames are made of many different materials, like metal, wood, acrylic, glass or resin. Ready-made frames usually include glass, backing and an easel back stand on smaller sizes. Larger sizes may include hanging hardware as well as an easel back stand giving you the option of hanging on a wall or displaying on a tabletop. A clip frame, which holds your photo or artwork in between two pieces of acrylic or glass, is made to hang on a wall and may include a firm backing board.

Multiple or Large Picture Frames

Picture frames that hold multiple photos are available in a variety of designs, finishes and sizes. Multi picture frame varieties include double picture frames, triple picture frames and collage picture frames. They are designed to hold multiple photos in single frames that are attached with hinges or are constructed in a solid piece with cutout picture openings. Collage picture frames are designed to hold multiple photos that can be of different sizes and shapes. If you have limited display space or limited budget, multiple picture frames can be a great way to display many photos in less space with less cost.

Picture frames are an important part of any home's decor. Whether you hang a painting or artwork on the wall or display family photos on a table top or book shelf, picture frames add to the charm and eye appeal of your photo or artwork and bring warmth to your room. With the variety of picture frames available, you are sure to find the perfect fit for any color scheme or style in any room in your home.


Travel Tips for Vacationing with Babies

We all love to take time to get away from the stresses of life to enjoy a vacation. Many people think that if they have a baby or very young children, they can no longer take a vacation. Traveling with babies can be made much easier by planning and implementing measures that will make your vacation fun and relaxing.

A Last Escape Before Baby Makes Three

Vacationing when pregnant, or the babymoon, is a great way to enjoy the remaining time of life as a couple. Many couples decide to book a getaway to celebrate, relax and enjoy their last diaper-free break for a while. The best time to travel while pregnant is during the second trimester, weeks 14 to 27. By then, morning sickness should have abated, energy levels should be higher and you should be feeling "blooming". After that, while Canadian airlines will accept you for travel right up to the final weeks of your pregnancy, there's a good chance that you'll be keener to rest more than travel. Plus, there's a greater chance of premature labor in the final weeks.

When to Go: You'll want heat, but not too much heat, lots of comfort, good food and relaxation. Stick to familiar vacation spots - you'll need to feel confident that the food and environs will suit you. This is no time for surprises. Florida and the Caribbean are favoured destinations for a babymoon, but there are plenty of beautiful spots in our own backyard - Vancouver Island, Toronto and Ontario's West Coast, Quebec City, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia...

What to Wear: Your loosest clothes and lots of layers. Make sure there's plenty of space in your clothing in case junior undergoes a growth spurt. If you're visiting a sun spot take a heavy-duty sunscreen - mom-to-be skin can be extra sensitive. Pack too your favorite snacks and over-the-counter medicine. Don't forget your medical notes - just in case.

Traveling With Babies

Traveling with a baby can help him or her experience new environments and encourages family bonding. The following tips will help you have a better travel experience with your baby.

Location: Make sure you choose an appropriate destination for a baby. Research destinations by using the internet and traveler reviews. Family-orientated travel guides are useful. Babies will not enjoy too much heat or cold.

Enlist Baby Travel Services: There are online baby supply companies who will deliver changing, feeding, and bathing supplies your baby will need while away from home, to any worldwide travel destination. You can shop for all the supplies your baby will need for traveling without leaving your home.

Travel Assistance Insurance: Obtaining travel insurance will ensure that your baby will receive proper medical care in case of an illness or injury. Coverage should include the ability to fly home if treatment is required in the US

Family Friendly Vacation: There are baby and toddler friendly resorts and hotels that cater to families. Make sure that where you stay has appropriate baby supplies such as a crib and highchair.

Allow Baby to Adjust to New Environment: Maintain a routine with familiar food, toys, and blanket. The baby should not receive too much stimulation within the first couple of days. They should rest and get use to the new environment.

Vacationing with babies can be a fun experience for parents. It is important to remember that it is a vacation, so adults should take time each day to relax. With a little planning and preparation, you and your baby will have a great vacation.


Selecting a Towel Bar

When choosing a towel bar, form and function are the most important aspects that should be considered. Home owners want one that not only works very well, but also goes great with their décor. In fact, the hardware pieces like a towel bar should be considered the jewelry of the room. They add accents and beauty, completing a look to make it look totally put together and polished. Let's take a look at some of the most important considerations that should be taken into account when choosing a towel bar.


Since the towel bar and other accent features are like the bathroom's jewelry, style is certainly very important. Spend some time thinking about what kind of overall style you want to convey. Some home owners are aiming for a country bathroom with white cabinets and pastel colors. Others want a very modern room with sleek hardware and granite countertops. It is very important to design the entire room and leave the hardware for last because it is simply meant to be an accent piece. The only way anyone can know for sure what kind of towel bar they want is by looking at the end product and seeing what it will look like. The color of the paint on the walls and the style, design, and shade of the cabinets all play important roles in what kind of hardware you will want to go with it. Also try to get pieces that match. The bars should match the toilet paper holder, the pulls on the drawers and cabinets, and if possible, the mirror or medicine cabinet that is being used in the room.


Above all, remember that the hardware is meant to play an important part in the overall finished look of the bathroom. If it does not work well, then you won't use it, and there will be no point to even having the bar. Think carefully about where in the room you want to place the bar. Measure the space carefully so that you can be sure that the one you buy is not too long or too short for the space you have. Also be sure to position the bar appropriately so that you will easily be able to reach the towels whenever you are getting out of the shower or bath. A bar that is out of reach is not much help to anyone. It may even be a good idea to measure the towels that you intend to use with it to make sure that they will hang straight on the bar. Also consider what kinds of towels you will use regularly. Do not forget to get some kind of hanger for the hand towel that is separate from the one that will be used for the large towels. Also if there is room, having separate large bars for his and her towels is a great touch.


The type of material the towel bar is made out of is an important part of both its style and its function. Some materials are made to last a very long time, while others simply are not made well enough to last more than a few years. Chrome is very popular right now, probably because of its durability and the clean, sleek look it lends to any décor. Real chrome bars should be very heavy and a lighter silver color. Other very popular choices in material include brushed nickel and pewter, both of which will also be very long lasting. Just beware of pieces that look like they are made of these materials but are actually fakes. They may be a great way to save money, but there is a chance that they will not last a long time.


How to De-clutter Your Home and Work Space

Most of us are aware of the concept of 'de-cluttering' our homes and offices. Many people conduct yearly spring cleaning sessions to get rid of items they either have no use for, or which are too old or broken to use, while others try to clear their environment from clutter on an ongoing basis. The idea itself is simple: do away with things you don't use or need anymore, and you'll end up with a fresh, uncluttered environment - right?

Unfortunately, it's not so simple. While people do tend to collect masses of things they don't actually need, a lot of what they do own are things they genuinely want to keep or do actually have use for. So just because a house is cluttered with 'stuff', doesn't mean all of it is useless and should be done away with. It might simply be a matter of not having enough space for everything.

For example, many of us have sentimental items - such as antique furniture, or things that were passed down to us through generations. And even if there's no space for some of these things in the home or office, getting rid of them is not always an option. At the same time, you don't want to be living or working in a cluttered or crammed environment, as clutter can make a space seem claustrophobic and often encourages even more clutter to accumulate. So what can you do to make space in your home or office, yet hold on to important belongings that you don't necessarily need on a daily basis?

One obvious option is to put your items into storage. It is important to remember that a self storage company can specialise in both domestic and business storage solutions - so you never have to feel as though you have to live or work in a world of clutter. Storage spaces enable you to store all your extra belongings yourself - just the way you want them.

Furthermore, you can access these belongings whenever you wish. And, because the self storage market is fairly widespread, you're bound to find a storage facility that's convenient for you to access from your home or workplace.

Whether you're looking to make space in your home or your office, self storage might be the ideal solution for you. Therefore, carefully consider your storage options, and ensure you have an uncluttered environment in your home or office.


Potatoes - The World's Preferred Vegetable

Potatoes, undoubtedly win the crown for the world's most preferred vegetable. Whichever cuisine or whatever part of the world you are in, potatoes is one sure thing that you would find to eat. There are many people whom I have met who find it very difficult to adjust to the cuisine of a particular place while travelling. The potato then is the most preferred and the first choice that provides you the scope of satiating your hunger pangs.

The preparation may differ from one cuisine to the other, however, the versatility of this superb vegetable does not cease to surprise you. From the mashed potatoes, the popular french fries to being an important ingredient of stews to the indispensable "Aloo" (potato) of the Indian cuisine, potatoes definitely are an omnipresent vegetable. The potato sure has many floored with its charm all across the globe.

There is however, a general perception or rather a misconception among some that potatoes are not good for health and must be avoided on a regular basis. However, this is definitely not true. Potatoes are the best known source of carbohydrates in the world. It is not the potato that is injurious to health it is the techinique of cooking it that makes it good or bad. Deep fried potato dishes are a definite no...no. Now that does not apply to potatoes alone. Deep fried dishes made with any vegetable or meat is not good for health if consumed on a regular basis. It is the cooking style of deep frying that makes it unhealthy and the potato is surely not to be blamed.

So it's back to our very own favorite the potato. You can now eat the potato without any worries provided you pay a little attention to the way you cook it. And as I always highlight everything in moderation is fine...just see that you do not go overboard.

Potato chips are definitely the world's preferred and the most popular snack. You just can't stop at one, that is for sure. However, it is only when you have finished off half the packet or maybe the whole thing that the evil guilt strikes. Loads of oil and salt...how can you resist the great taste. The most popular brand of potato chips - "Lay's" now introduces a low salt version "a pinch of salt" to let you handle your guilt and health better and munch away.

The news of the Lay's company introducing potato chips with low sodium must definitely come as welcome news to all chip lovers. The "Pinch of Salt" the new entry on Lay's line of snacks has 75 milligrams of sodium per ounce of serving as compared to 180 milligrams in the regular pack. That definitely is good news for those who just can't stop munching. The low sodium variety for one thing does not compromise on taste, so you do not have to give up on taste for those health benefits. Warning : Munching uncontrallably on high calorie snacks is injurious to health. Anything and everything in moderation is advisable (being a health freak I just couldn't resist adding the warning note).

The potato definitely is the universal ambassador propagating the strongly the idea that "if you are good, you can take on the world". Guess that is one way to look at the potato:).


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