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Tips for How to Increase Your Home's Value

There are simple ways in which you can increase the value of your home. Whether you are planning to sell or would like to keep your home's value up, tackling some of the following tips will work to instantly add value and appeal to your home.Exterior1. Clean Up - If you have debris around your yard simply spend some time cleaning it up. A downed gutter or a piece of siding in your yard can really make your house look run-down. 2. Clear the Clutter - If you've got bikes and trash bins lined up around your home, move them to a designated area in the back of your home. If you have room to store them in your garage, it's even better.3. Paint it - Depending on your budget and siding material, a fresh coat of paint on the exterior could be worth it. 4. Repair it - Fix downed gutters or downspouts or loose siding or shingles. Even a beginner DIYer can handle these projects and save money by eliminating the need to call a professional.5. Landscaping - If you've got your own landscaping tools, then sprucing up your ya...


Garden Finials - a Great Decorative Finishing Touch

Do you look around your outdoor living space and see that it is just crying for "something?" You're not sure what it is but the area just doesn't seem finished. There is actually a pretty easy way to finish your space and that is with beautiful garden finials. Use one for to make a decorative statement and for balance, you could use a pair. Garden finials are a beautiful way to add a finishing touch to your yard space and they can literally be used anywhere you like. Originally, they were designed to be placed atop buildings, however they are so versatile they can add a touch of finishing elegance to the sides of a walkway, around your home, your garden to set off a tree, statue or other object; your deck, patio, cottage or in any place your choose. How is this possible? Well, it is because garden finials are extremely decorative in nature. Generally they will be crafted out of metal, copper is the most likely choice, and will be forged into different elegant shapes to ones that simply have a point and oth...


Convertible Sofas Can be Magical

For most of us convertible sofas convert into beds. These handy pieces of furniture are great for many people. If you do not have a spare room for guests, use the convertible sofa. If you live in a studio apartment, then a sofa bed may be perfect for you. If your kids like to have sleep overs, a sleeper sofa in the family room would be a great solution. If you need a "spare" bed for when your spouse is in the dog house, then a convertible sofa may be the answer (but it is best to never go to bed mad). But in all these cases, the sofa part is for sitting and the bed it converts into is for sleeping. But what if you asked a child what they thought convertible sofas should convert into, what would they say? Well, I talked to some kids, and this is what they said they thought convertible sofas should change into.The first was a little boy, he was about three, almost four, years old. He was a very typical little boy. I asked him that if he had a couch that could change into anything, what would it be? He gave it a...


Apple Pie, Grandma, and an Outdoor Porch Swing

An outdoor porch swing is such a fundamental fixture in the American experience. I don't really know why for sure. Maybe it is because young romance can blossom there, or because it is the perfect place to sip on an ice cold lemonade and watch a lazy summer day go by. In fact, one of my earliest fond memories is from the mid 60's when I was four years old, eager and excited. I was sitting on the porch swing with my family watching the classic American parade go by. So many vivid colors, big horses, candy, happy sounds, and of course, the waiving beauty queen. And I took it all in from an outdoor porch swing. There is just something classic about that scene. I guess most people have some sort of memory like that. I hope so.Another great thing about a porch swing is how old friends can sit there for hours and talk about nothing; talk about anything. Or maybe it is because when you're on the swing it means that you are not out in the garden weeding, or in the house cleaning, or slaving over laundry.To me, an out...


Glass Door Knobs - It's Time To Go Green With Them

We're in a world where every day we are being told to try and make a difference for the environment. We're inundated with information about the damage that is being done to the environment on so many levels, and being told we are the culprits. They say the only way to change things, is for all of us to make a change. You may be wondering what this has to do with home décor. It's about ways to make a smaller environmental impact, while still redecorating. There are actually companies out there who focus their business on taking the old and making it new again. Some of these people are called antique dealers. You've seen them and may have thought they only have trinkets and clothes from generations past. But many carry more than just bric-a-brac, they also carry old pieces of hardware such as glass door knobs that are generations or centuries old. There is another kind of company that is forward thinking. They are not the end dealer, waiting to get a good buy on something old, but they are out there findin...


Tips To Have Beautiful Smile

A sincere smile tells people that they are appreciated and loved when they come around you. It makes others feel at ease with you. It is also a powerful tool of intimate communication between great friends. You can get things done faster with a sweet smile on your face always. Insightfully, it is has been reported that smiling consistently, especially when things are not going well, can reduce your stress level.The value of smile is much more than we think. It cost nothing, but creates much. It enriches those who receive, without impoverishing those who give. A smile happens in a flash and the memory of its sometimes last forever. It could be the start of a lifetime relationship.There are several reasons to smile. Smiling makes you attractive. People are generally drawn to those who smile. There is an attraction factor. Smiling changes your mood. The most important thing is for you to feel comfortable, and for your spine to be in an up-right position. Let your eyes gently close. Take a couple of deep long bre...


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